Poo just got real

I have a business address!

How cool is that?!

OK, so if anyone were to decide to visit my “office,” they’d end up in a UPS Store staring at a small metal door. It still looks nifty on a business card.

I know… because I just loaded it on to my already-prepared MOO.com business card template. Hee! Not going to print them up just yet; I’m going to wait until I have new and different photos to put on them, I think. The mini cards look great, and will serve their purpose for the time being.

As soon as I get confirmation from the UPS Sstore that the address is written the way I think it is (you’d think that would’ve been in some sort of literature they give you, but… not so much with that. Huh. I don’t even have a contract copy – just a receipt), I’m going to go ahead and sign up for my federal tax EIN, and we’ll be almost golden; just the county clerk’s office and their $52 fee to contend with (actually, it’s $50, with $2 for them to notarize it. I have a friend here at work who’s a notary, but it just seems like such a hassle, which I imagine is what they expect), and I’ll be a bona fide business, kids!

Be afraid, be very afraid. 😉

I’m ashamed to admit, I’ve taken a break from actual jewelry making the last two days due to time constraints; setting up the mailbox was an unexpectedly 2-day process (the clerk the first day couldn’t manage to complete the process, and ultimately, it seems he did most of it wrong by having me fill out forms by hand instead of him typing it into the computer himself), after which there were errands to be run. I now find myself with a file box (I’d have preferred a filing cabinet, but right now… a $13 file box is about where we’re at), hanging files, a nifty multi-purpose date stamp (http://www.staples.com/2000-PLUS-Self-Inking-Micro-Message-Dater-and-Phrase-Stamp/product_507842) to help keep me honest (print up an order, stamp a rec’d date on it. If a convo happens, stamp an e-mailed date on it. Shipped it, stamp a shipped date on it, etc. etc. ad nauseam), and… um… a blu-ray player. That last bit wasn’t planned. Monday, when I’d expected to be walking away with a mailbox key, I walked away empty-handed. I needed to run an errand at BJ’s, anyway, and while I was there, I went up and down the aisles (as I always do, so this wasn’t unusual), and found nothing of use in the office supply area. Then I walked through the electronics, and there it was… a $99, built-in wifi blu-ray player. I could not resist the allure; I’ve never seen one for less than $120 before. I’m beating myself up about the unnecessary expense, but man, is it a fun toy. I’ve only got one blu-ray disc (Harry Potter 1), but that’s what Netflix is for. Heh. Mind you – I haven’t spent a whole bunch of my “free” time watching movies; all I’ve been doing is setting everything up! Getting it hooked in to my wireless router, and then getting it connected to my YouTube, and Netflix, and whatever all else accounts, has been time consuming. The unexpected nifty aspect, however, is that I can now watch VHS tapes again; the blu-ray is hooked up via HDMI cable, so the regular hookup that was being used by my old DVD player is now free for use by VCR. And now I have a DVD player to go with my other TV that’s currently taking up space on my living room floor (I unexpectedly won a 32” HD TV at the office holiday party this winter), but will eventually end up in my office/craft room/basement (however that works out), once I, y’know, have one or more of those.

OK, I’ve also officially just signed up for Google Voice, which means I not only have a business address, I now have a business phone, too. I’ve even got a Flemington # (for the record, I, personally, don’t – I have a Piscataway number. I move regularly; the phone number does not). And when I get calls, they’ll go straight to my cell phone. Where I can choose to screen them, to answer them, to listen in while someone records a voice mail… all sorts of nifty stuff.

So. Freaking. Cool.

ROFL! I just tried leaving myself a message, but I was speaking really quietly because, well, I’m at work. The transcription that Google Voice came up with due to my mumbling was… interesting. Too funny. But it does indeed work, so that’s nice.


Um… yeah.

Definitely freaking out a little. But, y’know… in a good way.

OK, I think I’m going to go sign up for my tax ID.



…All this, and I have to go to Albany over the weekend for Easter (more work time lost), and bake gluten-free cupcakes next Monday, for which I need pans and carrying lids. Also, ingredients. More money to spend, yippee….

*edit* Have hit a snag on the tax ID front; have a mentoring request in w/ SCORE to talk me through next years tax implications & what needs to happen. You’ll know more when I know more!