So, two years on from my original attempts to research ventilation, I may have FINALLY found a solution.

It’s not something I can prioritize RIGHT THIS SECOND (car repairs, the holidays, various and sundry other issues), but it’s nice to know that there IS a viable, affordable ventilation solution out there that DOESN’T require that I cut holes into walls or hire an HVAC technician. Not only will this allow for safer enameling, but might even offer the opportunity to do lampworking, which is an idea I, quite frankly, salivate over.


Moving right along.

OK! So! Bit of an update.

I have a house! I live there!

It’s still full of boxes. It’s been a month; I just… haven’t accomplished as much as I’d like. Which for me is pretty normal, but still frustrating. But! Such predicaments, we must move ahead.


I’ve just this minute completed an order that brings me up to 3 – 4 oz of the following enamel colors in order of when I remembered them, a.k.a. no particular order (some of these I had already ordered, so this is a grand-total list):

Thompson Enamels:

Sunset Orange

Foxglove Purple

Peacock Blue Green

Ultramarine Blue

Flame Red

Beryl Green (Transparent)

Robin’s Egg Blue

Medium Fusing Clear (Transparent. Duh.)

Calamine Blue


Discontinued Rio Grande Colors:


Mallard Green (transparent)

Sea Green

Silver Grey


I have slightly less than 3 oz of a few other colors: Foundation White, Butter Yellow, Jungle Green, Daphne Blue, Black, Mocca Brown

There may be others that I’m just not remembering right now.

I’ve got a whole bunch of copper and iron beads and charms to start playing with. First order of business, I think, being the copper tags, bought for the purpose of having a sample of each fired color to tape to the lids of the tins. Of the things needed to get to work, the only things I officially do not own at all are an appropriately sized loaf tin, enough vermiculite (I looked at what was included with my Bead Pulling Station, and found it not enough for my comfort), and the MAPP gas can, itself. The loaf pan should be obtainable at Shop Rite; the others are readily available at Lowe’s. The can is slightly cheaper at Home Depot, but they don’t carry the vermiculite in store and Lowes does, so… there you go.

Oh, and I haven’t yet located the torch head I bought. For some reason, it wasn’t packed with the rest of the enameling stuff, so I have to hunt in the office for it.


Mind you, I may be ready for this. My tools and materials may be almost ready. What ISN’T ready is the room I plan to DO it in! Right now it’s a catch-all for things I wasn’t sure where to put elsewhere. All my musical instruments (two guitars and a trumpet) and their accompanying music are there. A boatload of vinyl records are there. I don’t know where those things are going to end up, but I don’t think they really belong in the office. I may USE them in the office, but I don’t think they can live there, given that it might get warm in there. So, they need new homes. I need to dig the window exhaust/intake fan out of the closet. This was the only ventilation solution I could come up with, in the short term. I know it’s not ideal. We’ll have to see how things go. But it’s better than nothing.


So! Yes! Enameling to begin soon. Then, most likely, kumihimo, for bracelets to hang enameled things from. I imagine earrings will also be happening. Even necklaces are possible, though historically, I haven’t had a whole lot of patience for necklaces. I think that with a combination of chain, kumi, and enameled beads, necklaces will happen a lot faster than they would with, say, individually formed wire links.


In other news, I’ve ordered tiny, nickel-free stars, for the top of Swarovski Christmas trees – ‘tis the season (or near enough, anyway).

I have absolutely no idea what to do with Thanksgivukkah, as far as jewelry. Blue turkeys, perhaps? Ah, no, no turkey enameling blanks to be found. *sigh* I’ll have to think of something….


Anyway, just wanted to keep you in the loop. Things are coming. I will be making sparkly things. They will be posted. The train marches on. 🙂

The Lion in the Hedge

Brain ‘splody!

I have such an idea! GAH! May not have the talent to pull it off, but I’m going to use molds and texture sheets as much as possible.

It’s rare that something comes to me this fully formed; the last one, I STILL haven’t managed to execute….

OK, so when I was a kid, we used to visit this place in Hillsborough called Duke Gardens. It was Doris Duke’s (of the tobacco Dukes; also Duke University – see the Wiki article for details beautiful greenhouse network, which she opened to the public ( Every section of the greenhouses was for a different type of garden (e.g. the American desert, Japan, China, England, etc.). It was a great, nearby destination to take your (mostly well-behaved) kids when there wasn’t much else going on, it was indoors… perfect. And it was BEAUTIFUL.

Anyway, a few years ago, the foundation Doris Duke set up to take care of the gardens after her death, destroyed them. They provided rationales behind this decision, talking about how they weren’t ecologically responsible to maintain, etc. I don’t know the real reasoning. All I know is, they’re gone. Decimated. They have ceased to be. They are an ex-garden.

And it’s a crime.

I didn’t find out it was happening until right before they shut it all down, and by then all of the remaining tours were already sold out. Trust me, I tried. I didn’t get a chance to see it one last time; all I have left are vague, childhood memories.

There is little enough of it to be found online, but I’ll provide some of what I’ve found:

In the middle of the English garden, there was this enormous topiary hedge, and in the top of it, just above an arch, was a lion head mounted within the ivy.

You can just sort of see it, in the 4th picture down on the right, on You can also see what happened to it, on the left. 😦

So I was hunting through various jewelry supply and metal clay supply websites, as I have a tendency to do… pretty much all the time. And I found this mold for a roaring lion’s head.

Yes, I realize the lion wasn’t roaring. Well, actually, I DIDN’T; I had to go look it up. But clearly, the lion isn’t roaring. However, I’m willing to let that slide, in the interest of having a mold for it. Y’know, instead of me trying to come up with a lion’s head on my own, which would be impossible since I can’t even DRAW it.

Here’s my thought.

The lion’s head mold in copper clay (with a white tinge, provided by Gilders Paste. And yes, OK, it’s roaring. But it’s INSPIRED by, it’s not going to be identical, OK?), surrounded by ivy leaves, also in copper clay (greened, via African Bronze Gilders Paste). The back of the pendant would be the ivy texture tile from Cool Tools.

Name of the pendant: “Duke’s End.” Which fits nicely into my whole song title thing, and also sums up the concept pretty perfectly.

I have no real idea of how I’m going to execute this. I don’t know how big it’ll have to be, or whether the bail will be on the back, or if it’ll need to have two bails, one on either side, to balance it out. It’s going to have to be pretty big, I’m afraid. We’ll call it a statement piece.

I, quite frankly, can’t wait to get started on it. Except I’ve already spent my allotment for jewelry stuff this paycheck on the alcohol ink project. So… patience. Which I’m so fantastically good at.


But the idea isn’t going to go anywhere for a while. Especially since I just got it all down, right here. J

Two months in review

OK, for those of you who’ve been waiting patiently for an update on my activities, but for whatever reason, haven’t been following me on Facebook, I will explain about the last two months.

No, is too much; let me sum up.

1) Won and lost a condo. It’s a long, depressing tale, and I really don’t feel like going through it again; suffice to say that it was a really unpleasant process that only ended in disappointment. I have just re-signed my lease for another year (the landlord refused to let me go month-to-month). Incidentally, an identical unit in the same complex, but in far better shape than the one I was prepared to buy, went on the market last week… just as I was sending my lease in. I kind of want to shoot myself in the head, right now.

2) In the process of re-signing the lease, I actually read it. The lease said, though not in so many words, that a kiln (even a wee one, like the SpeedFire Electric Mini) was a no-no in the unit. I probably shouldn’t have the butane torch, either, but I’m going to go with “what she doesn’t know won’t hurt me.” So my plans to move into making more complex metal clay products (e.g. rings) may have to be put on hold, and fusing glass myself DEFINITELY has to go on hold. I am not happy about this, but such is life. I might be able to schlep metal clay stuff to Pennington where they will fire it for a fee; it’s something to seriously consider. I really do want to start making metal clay rings, and someday I’d REALLY LIKE TO MAKE THE PENDANT THAT’S BEEN STUCK IN MY HEAD FOR MONTHS. I think I might make another try at it in epoxy clay, but the last one was soooooo bad….

3) I have signed up for two classes over the next couple of months in order to improve my wirework skills. If I’m going to be confined to it as my main artistic outlet, I really need to learn how to do more. The DVDs that I ordered were interesting, and I did learn a little, but I need more, and I need in-person instruction.

4) I sold something! To a co-worker, so it kinda doesn’t count, but still. *happy dance*

5) A friend of mine who makes her living as a photographer has offered to take the photographic aspect of this process off my hands, on the barter system. We’ll have to work out the logistics, but to be honest, I couldn’t be happier; I’ve learned that I bloody hate taking pictures of the jewelry! I’m just not good at it; I don’t get the right angles, I end up getting the back of the light box in the picture, the image ends up blurry, the colors don’t end up even close to true… if I wanted to be a photographer, I’d have invested in that, not in making jewelry! So I’m really happy she’s going to take that on.


OK, so I think that brings us up to date! I’ll try to be more consistent in updating, going forward. Heck, I’ll try to be more consistent in making jewelry, which will give me more reason to update. 😉

Lights… camera….

I finally got around to buying a real tripod this weekend (as opposed to the tabletop one, which was NOT working for me), so it’s time for me to get off my bum and start photographing stuff. I’ll probably shoot the rings I’ve got finished over the next couple of days, and if they come out at all well, I’ll be posting them to Etsy within the next week. My Facebook followers have already seen the rough draft of those, as it were – I took pictures early on and posted them. But hopefully I can do a little better, now, what with the tripod, and the acrylic ring stands. Here’s hoping, anyway.

And then, it’s just me and the wire, my friends. I’m going to have to actually make earring jackets.

This is something with which I’ve had seriously limited success.

Another thing I need to do is order some fine silver wire in order to make fine silver headpins. I just don’t think the niobium ones are going to work out; they’re too short and too stubborn, and they don’t wrap the way I want them to wrap. This is supposed to be something I WANT to do, not something I DREAD doing; the only way that’s going to happen is if I find a nickel-free headpin that actually behaves itself and wraps all purty and stuff. I think fine silver wire will do that for me. Plus, it’ll give me a chance to get more comfy with the butane torch.

*insert evil, Beavis-like giggle here*

I know I haven’t accomplished much, so far. It’s discouraging, I’m not going to lie; things keep getting in the way. Not least of which being my own inherently lazy tendencies. But I DO want to do this. I WILL do this. I’ve come too far (and spent too much $) to give up now. I’m going to live the (small-scale) dream. I’m going to make jewelry, and people are going to pay for it. Hopefully those DVDs will teach me all sorts of interesting ways to embellish and make the stuff I make look even cooler, and people will pay more for them than they would for the stuff I make now, which is OK (but could definitely be better).

I know, big dream, right? LOL! But hey – you have to start somewhere. I’m starting with – sell something. Anything. Just selling once via Etsy – to someone who didn’t already know me going in, ’cause that’s cheating – will significantly increase my confidence about this whole venture, so… here’s hoping that will happen in the not too terribly distant future. But for that to happen, I need to take more pictures, so I can sell more jewelry, so I can MAKE more jewelry, so I can take more pictures, etc. etc.

Hey, it’s a grind, but it’s better than making copies, eh?


What’s next?

Yesterday, I ran out to Target and bought a couple of small wire shelves for the living room, in an attempt to bring at least a little order out of the chaos. I had a growing pile of beading, Art Clay Copper, display furniture and shipping stuff in the middle of the floor of the living/dining area, because I didn’t have anywhere else to corral it; now I do. I’m quite sure I’ll outgrow it really quickly, but for the short term, I’m feeling pretty good about reclaiming that bit of floor and knowing where all my bits and bobs are. I even bought a couple of plastic bins, and marked them up with labels from the Dymo. Yay!

While I was in Target, I discovered the tissue paper I’ve been trying to find for a reasonable price – bonus!

Tonight, I have a doctor’s appointment. I’m hoping to be home early enough to either make something or photograph something. I was reading Etsy tips the other day, and among many (many many) other things, they suggested that if you’ve got only one thing to post… post it! Well, I’ve got more than one thing, but they’re not the thing I was planning on focusing on, at least to start. What I have ready is rings. What I want to post is earring jackets and rose studs. I have the rose studs, and I have the jackets I made for ME; I guess I should post those, for starters. I do feel it’s time to post SOMETHING. I’ve gone to all this effort to get started, right down to getting gift boxes and tissue paper and 10 bubble envelopes (just to start with; I can find other ways to use tissue paper, or stickers, or gift boxes. Even the Dymo labels that are specific to shipping, I could, in theory, use for something else. But the only thing I can do with a 6”x8” bubble mailer is… well, ship things. If nothing happens, I’d hate to be stuck with 100 bubble mailers, y’know?); it seems silly to have gone to all this effort, and then have my site sitting there, fallow.

So! Photos soon. And then… show on road, kids. Hee!

…I just hope people actually, y’know… look! (And buy!)

Communication breakdown: MacBook vs. Dymo LabelWriter vs. PayPal vs. Endicia vs. me

After three nights of fighting with the internet and my MacBook, I have come to the conclusion that getting my newly purchased and hardly touched (but much loved, regardless) Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo to print the PayPal internet postage labels it was bought to generate is a complete impossibility. I have, as the internet has instructed me, downloaded CUPS-PDF to my Mac. This would (if it functioned) allow me to circumvent Pitney Bowes’s automatic print-to-label-printer-incorrectly function, and save labels as PDFs, then change them to landscape instead of portrait, which would apparently make them print correctly. After a day of fighting with that, uninstalling it, reinstalling it, trying to figure out where the heck it WAS installed, and just plain trying to get it to work, it stubbornly failed to show up as a printer option. Further research showed that the version I’d downloaded was intended for a Mac with a later OS than I have. Another evening was spent trying to track down the version of CUPS-PDF that WOULD work with my OS. I finally found it last night, and it works! Yay! But the label preview on the PayPal/Pitney Bowes shipping page STILL wouldn’t work; the label refused to show up. No sample label, no printer options, no nothing. I was willing to take the financial hit of sending myself a fake package, if it would have WORKED! I’ve wasted three nights of my life trying to get this to work. I could’ve been doing something constructive, like cleaning, or doing laundry, or, I dunno, MAKING JEWELRY. But no – I was trying to complete what has turned out to be an impossible task.

Slightly daunted, I turned to other options: Endicia! I signed myself up for Dymo Stamps, and was prepared to do the pay-as-you-go option, even though it would mean my recipients could see how much it cost me to ship to them. What I didn’t realize until sometime later in the evening is that this bare-bones version of Dymo Stamps did not include Delivery Confirmation. PayPal internet postage does; Dymo Stamps, not so much. It WILL do it, if I’m willing to sign up for the $16/mo Standard Dymo Stamps Service for Mac. Mind you, for PC, it costs $10.

That bugs me terribly.

I’m sorry, but it can’t be $6 worth of harder to program for Mac. For that matter, there’s no reason why PayPal themselves couldn’t have come up with a Mac-friendly version of their internet postage. They don’t even have a version of the Dymo LabelWriter printer driver that’s still sold; the highest they go up to is Dymo LabelWriter 330!

Clearly, the best way to use my Dymo LabelWriter to print internet postage from PayPal, complete with Delivery Confirmation, is to get my craptastic Dell PC (free in 2006 with the purchase of my Ford Focus. Ironically, the computer, though seriously obsolete and miserably slow, has long outlasted the car that it came with) up and running again. Right now, all it does is provide my AirPort with functionality; I almost never actually turn it on. At a guess, the best way to get it going is to get an external hard drive, pull all the excess stuff off of there (music files, huge stashes of laboriously scanned photos from when I was trying to get a family photomosaic project off the ground (FAIL), etc.), uninstall programs I haven’t used in three years or more (since I got the laptop), and just make it a bare-bones machine that I use as my wifi server and printing station. With anything else on it, it’s incredibly slow; it’s barely worth booting it up to update my AirPort as it is.

So! Today I price external hard drives.

Y’know, I honestly thought that once I had the LabelWriter, the whole postage issue would be solved. The more fool, I. *headdesk*

I know it seems crazy to be obsessing about shipping before I’ve even sold anything, but I wanted to get all of this squared away before I got to that point.

…Not surprisingly, I have accomplished nothing regarding jewelry, other than having pretty pictures in my head that I’d like very much to get OUT of my head and made into jewelry. The next two to come down the pike should be called “Rainbow In the Dark,” and “Swingin’ On a Rainbow.” They’ll probably be pretty much the same thing except in different colors, but there may be a changeup in the pattern, if the mood strikes me.

Poo just got real

I have a business address!

How cool is that?!

OK, so if anyone were to decide to visit my “office,” they’d end up in a UPS Store staring at a small metal door. It still looks nifty on a business card.

I know… because I just loaded it on to my already-prepared business card template. Hee! Not going to print them up just yet; I’m going to wait until I have new and different photos to put on them, I think. The mini cards look great, and will serve their purpose for the time being.

As soon as I get confirmation from the UPS Sstore that the address is written the way I think it is (you’d think that would’ve been in some sort of literature they give you, but… not so much with that. Huh. I don’t even have a contract copy – just a receipt), I’m going to go ahead and sign up for my federal tax EIN, and we’ll be almost golden; just the county clerk’s office and their $52 fee to contend with (actually, it’s $50, with $2 for them to notarize it. I have a friend here at work who’s a notary, but it just seems like such a hassle, which I imagine is what they expect), and I’ll be a bona fide business, kids!

Be afraid, be very afraid. 😉

I’m ashamed to admit, I’ve taken a break from actual jewelry making the last two days due to time constraints; setting up the mailbox was an unexpectedly 2-day process (the clerk the first day couldn’t manage to complete the process, and ultimately, it seems he did most of it wrong by having me fill out forms by hand instead of him typing it into the computer himself), after which there were errands to be run. I now find myself with a file box (I’d have preferred a filing cabinet, but right now… a $13 file box is about where we’re at), hanging files, a nifty multi-purpose date stamp ( to help keep me honest (print up an order, stamp a rec’d date on it. If a convo happens, stamp an e-mailed date on it. Shipped it, stamp a shipped date on it, etc. etc. ad nauseam), and… um… a blu-ray player. That last bit wasn’t planned. Monday, when I’d expected to be walking away with a mailbox key, I walked away empty-handed. I needed to run an errand at BJ’s, anyway, and while I was there, I went up and down the aisles (as I always do, so this wasn’t unusual), and found nothing of use in the office supply area. Then I walked through the electronics, and there it was… a $99, built-in wifi blu-ray player. I could not resist the allure; I’ve never seen one for less than $120 before. I’m beating myself up about the unnecessary expense, but man, is it a fun toy. I’ve only got one blu-ray disc (Harry Potter 1), but that’s what Netflix is for. Heh. Mind you – I haven’t spent a whole bunch of my “free” time watching movies; all I’ve been doing is setting everything up! Getting it hooked in to my wireless router, and then getting it connected to my YouTube, and Netflix, and whatever all else accounts, has been time consuming. The unexpected nifty aspect, however, is that I can now watch VHS tapes again; the blu-ray is hooked up via HDMI cable, so the regular hookup that was being used by my old DVD player is now free for use by VCR. And now I have a DVD player to go with my other TV that’s currently taking up space on my living room floor (I unexpectedly won a 32” HD TV at the office holiday party this winter), but will eventually end up in my office/craft room/basement (however that works out), once I, y’know, have one or more of those.

OK, I’ve also officially just signed up for Google Voice, which means I not only have a business address, I now have a business phone, too. I’ve even got a Flemington # (for the record, I, personally, don’t – I have a Piscataway number. I move regularly; the phone number does not). And when I get calls, they’ll go straight to my cell phone. Where I can choose to screen them, to answer them, to listen in while someone records a voice mail… all sorts of nifty stuff.

So. Freaking. Cool.

ROFL! I just tried leaving myself a message, but I was speaking really quietly because, well, I’m at work. The transcription that Google Voice came up with due to my mumbling was… interesting. Too funny. But it does indeed work, so that’s nice.


Um… yeah.

Definitely freaking out a little. But, y’know… in a good way.

OK, I think I’m going to go sign up for my tax ID.



…All this, and I have to go to Albany over the weekend for Easter (more work time lost), and bake gluten-free cupcakes next Monday, for which I need pans and carrying lids. Also, ingredients. More money to spend, yippee….

*edit* Have hit a snag on the tax ID front; have a mentoring request in w/ SCORE to talk me through next years tax implications & what needs to happen. You’ll know more when I know more!

Taxes giveth, and taxes taketh away

The Federal tax refund has arrived! That means I can run out and get my business mailbox at the UPS store, and then I can sign up for a tax EIN, and register myself as a business with the county clerk, and then I’ll be a real boy!

Well, a real business, anyway.

Scary, scary.

And I should have enough left over to buy a kiln, once I’m inhabiting a space that will allow for kiln usage.

To that end, I was also pre-approved for an FHA mortgage, this weekend.

REALLY scary.

…I feel like such a grown-up. Heh.  

I also feel like I should really get an accountant; I’ll have to talk to a friend of mine about that. And I’m wondering who, among the real estate and insurance professionals I’ll be working with over the next few months, I should tell about my intentions to have a home-based business, and whether they need to be aware of the kiln.  


I made a bunch of rings when I got home from the bead show on Saturday, but neglected to take pictures. Most of them were my standard 3-stone wire ring, but I did make a couple with variations on that theme. Some were more successful than others. None of them came out as well as the usual pattern, but then, I’ve had an awful lot of practice with that pattern. I used some of that absolutely beautiful amethyst to make one of the usual pattern; I’m particularly proud of that one. I wish I’d used the sterling silver wire instead of the silver plate; that’s how good it looks. Ah, well – plenty more beads where that came from! And another bead show coming in July! 🙂

 I’ve almost completely filled this case:


(those aren’t my rings; that’s the picture from the website where I bought the case, years ago)

The intention is to sell each and every one of them (or at least, to use them as a photographic reference and say that each can be made to order in a different size, with the exception of a few of the epoxy clay rings; for some reason, the supplier only seems to carry those in size 6.5, 7.5 and 8). There is a preponderance of size 8’s, because I wear size 8 and it’s just the default that I make a ring in.

I know that rings aren’t going to be the thing that draws people to my Etsy shop; they’re just unbelievably easy to make (except when they’re not; sometimes the wire gets stubborn), so when I just feel like making something, anything, I make rings. Lots of other people on Etsy are doing the exact same thing, though, so I’m not going to fool myself into thinking they’re going to be a big money-maker.

Just got an e-mail back from the UPS store, saying that prices have gone up since we discussed pricing this past “winter,” but they’re going to be kind enough to give me the pricing quoted back in November. Sweet! Because I’m not happy about a $215/yr price as it is. I mean, it’s not unreasonable by any means; for $17 a month, I finally have the security of having packages of beads and wire and precious or semi-precious metals (and, in future, semi-precious stones, once I have a kiln and can fire them!) delivered to a secure location, rather than sitting on my SHARED front porch. I get to put a business address on my cards and shipping documentation, and not have the universe know where I live. And unlike a P.O. Box, FedEx will deliver there. So… yippee! But the reason it’s taken so long to accomplish is that $215 is just not a small number. While I will happily spend $40, $50, even $100 on something like beads, tools or a label printer… $215 is serious cash to be spending all at once. I kind of needed it to be found money, that wasn’t already earmarked for things like food, bills, or rent. Which… hey! Found money! 🙂


Next steps:

  • Get mailbox (today! *squee!*).
  • Get Federal Tax EIN (perhaps tonight; if not, then tomorrow).
  • Register as a business with the county clerk’s office (has to be done during business hours 8 – 4:30 on a weekday, so… this Friday or Monday would be good, since I plan to be off. If my boss approves Friday, anyway. Monday, I’ve already got).
  • Get a business bank account. (this is not, strictly speaking, absolutely necessary, but it seems like a really good idea. If nothing else, it should allow me to keep better track of cash from my theoretical incoming sales. If it goes right back into my regular account, I’ll just, y’know, spend it. That’s no fun; no sense of accomplishment, and I don’t know how much I can reinvest in the business. Planning to do it at Affinity Federal Credit Union)
  • Choose a solid pricing formula. Thinking about using $18/hour-labor plus 1x materials plus 50% for wholesale, * 1.7 for retail.
  • Start photographing and posting the rings that are already ready on the Etsy site (might as well get something on there!).
  • Make jewelry (duh).
  • Make even more jewelry.
  • Make that gothy epoxy clay rose pendant we sketched out the other day.
  • Play with Art Clay Copper.
  • Once the niobium headpins come, it’s earrings, earrings, earrings – need to start making salable pairs of the 2 patterns I’m currently working with, in a variety of colors. Also need to start working up new patterns.
  • Make more rose studs. WEAR GLOVES. And use a fan, and/or open a window.

I think I’ve got enough on my plate… don’t you? 😉

Oh, and I also have to inform the real estate agent that I’ve been pre-approved, and start working on THAT issue. My lease isn’t up until September, but the impression these folks keep giving me is that the time to start is now. I guess, since closings can go horrifically wrong, that makes sense. But when I told the agent that I’d been pre-approved, they said not to start actually looking until June; why didn’t I wait another month to get pre-approved, then?! Gah!

OK, not going to worry about that right now. Happily living in the land of not dealing. Going to concentrate on jewelry, and hope for the best.

Happy Monday, all.