Jacket fail

Sometimes, the wire just doesn’t want to do what I want it to do.

The beads? They’re usually pretty compliant. They sit there on the wire, and sparkle, and look pretty. Their job isn’t that hard. But the wire… the wire is, on occasion, stubborn. It argues. It fights. It just generally makes my life difficult.

Last night was one of those times.

After a significant chunk of time spent photographing several rose studs and posting them to Etsy (I didn’t post them all; I took pity on my poor Twitter and Facebook followers and decided to wait a few days before bombarding them with yet more postings of variations on a theme), I was prepared to sit down and make earring jackets to go with them. Because darn it, I promised you a mix and match experience, and a mix and match experience you were going to get!

Or… not.

I tried. Honest.

I worked on three different pairs of earrings, and instead, ended up not finishing a single pair.

What it came down to is, niobium is a bit of a P.I.T.A. to work with.

When I made the copper clay earrings, my nickel-free headpins were too soft and kept breaking when I tried to wrap them; this time, I was working with niobium headpins that were too hard and too short, and did not want to bend more than twice in a wrap. But! Such predicaments, I must forge ahead.

Sadly, I did not forge ahead, today. Today was, unexpectedly, spent doing not very much. To my surprise, I wasted a more than a little bit of time fiddling around with reviews of B-movies by angry 30-something men on YouTube.

Don’t ask why; I don’t really have a good reason. I was reading Anno Dracula: The Bloody Red Baron, and the author made a reference to a character, and I Wikipedia’d it, and… well, yeah. Thus, a day better put to good use making jewelry… or at least giving myself a much-needed pedi… was instead spent watching reviews of such film gems as Elves, Maniac, Extra Terrestrial Visitors (a.k.a. Pod People) and The Minority, which were then followed by clips from the Broadway productions of Thoroughly Modern Millie, Shrek, and Young Frankenstein. Yeah, I know, there’s not much in the way of continuity there, either. The B’way stuff can be blamed on my playlist, which popped out with something from The Drowsy Chaperone; I decided I really wanted to know what Sutton Foster actually LOOKED like, since I spend so much time LISTENING to her.

So. That was my day. Well, I tell a lie – I took a shower. And there was some grocery shopping in there. And I cleared off the desk that my unused desktop lives on, so that’s fantastically useful. But hey – it does mean I now have the ability to have color-changing LED’s flash in a variety of different ways in my bedroom (they’re mounted under the glass of said desk), so… that’s something. I’m not sure what, exactly, but… something.


Tomorrow’s another day. It’s a day that, in theory, I will spend mostly with the ‘rents, but I will attempt to squeeze in at least A pair of earring jackets. The weather tomorrow is supposed to be atrocious, so maybe travel will have to be curtailed, regardless, resulting in (at least in theory) more jewelry-making time.

Oh! And I received another pair of commissions from a friend of mine (the one who commissioned the purple rose jewelry that got this whole train a-running). I think she may be OK with the blue rose oval piece I made last month for one of them, which would be nice, but the other would be a from-scratch, similar piece that’s been puttering around in my head. Much more goth-y, with a red rose and red leaves in black clay. Should be fun. 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks. I have work to do. Both in the form of jewelry, and proofreading a paper on the Boxer Rebellion. Fun, fun. 🙂


The deed is done.

I’m a business. Officially. The government is aware of me, and prepared to tax me.

I’m currently filled with a strange combination of exhilaration and abject terror.

The spoils of war

OK, unsurprisingly, I spent too much money. But on the up side, I didn’t spend more than I’d brought with me in cash, except at the Kabela booth (and the stuff I bought there is either for me or a gift).


Chinese crystals in a rainbow of fruit flavors (with the exception of purple). Still… at $4 a strand w/ 2 strands free, pretty happy overall. They’re intended for a design I was working on a few months ago, though I’m sure I’ll find other uses for them, too.


These aren’t necessarily for me.
They might end up that way, though….


You can’t tell from the photo, but these are (from left to right) brown goldstone, green goldstone, & two sizes of hemalyke.


And this is a gorgeous strand of amethyst, two different sizes of lapis lazuli, and a tigers eye. I would’ve liked some malachite, but I didn’t see any I liked. I saw lots of other strands I liked very much, but were decidedly too rich for my blood.

And here’s the Kabela stuff:


They FINALLY have silver stuff! Yaaay! So at least one of these sets is going to end up a ring for a friend. The iris is mine. Not sure about the rest yet.

So… yeah! A fairly productive event, I feel. I almost bought a new color of epoxy clay, but talked myself out of it; I don’t really need it right now. I’ve got enough projects on my plate as it is.

I also had the pleasure of running into an old co-worker and friend that I hadn’t seen in a long time (four years, maybe?). So that was really nifty, & unexpected. 🙂

OK, I need to start finding places to put all this stuff put away, & then start making things with them. Looking forward to showing you what I come up with!