A few years back, I developed a pretty nasty nickel allergy. I had no trouble finding perfectly nice nickel-free studs, but was less than impressed with most of the nickel-free dangly earrings I found. They just looked really cheap and mass-produced, especially when I was used to making my own jewelry; I was going from artisan-made to Tar-jay. My solution: earring jackets for the nickel-free studs I had, using coated copper or silver wire. I got to go back to making my own jewelry, and had the pleasure of a completely mix ‘n match earring wardrobe. Deciding to bring this idea to you folks started with an observation: “Wow, I have a lot of beads. I should really start making things for other people, so I can start supporting my bead habit.”

Apparently, it’s wise for a business owner to blog. Folks like to read about the journey a piece makes from start to finish and how the artisan’s mind makes in general. Now, I’m a fan of blogging, so I’ve got no problem with that; just wondering if you know what you’re getting into, here…?


2 comments on “About

    • Yeah, yeah – everybody’s a critic. :-P~
      Between one thing and another (slamming fingers in doors, Dad ending up in the hospital, getting sick, myself) I haven’t even made jewelry, much less updated my blog. But yes, it’s on my list of stuff to do. 😉

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