It’s time to get things started.

OK, now I REALLY need to work on the craft room.
Thompson Enamels is raising their prices. 8% on enamels, 10% on everything else. So, predictably, I just placed an order for more enamel. Not a lot; just enough that I have a full rainbow of opaques (Orient Red & Sunset Orange I had, ordered Mellow Yellow & Hunter Green, already have a couple of blues, ordered Iris Purple – which I’ve wanted to order for, like, 2 years, but couldn’t justify the cost because purples are wicked expensive for some reason. Plus a couple of colors of 6/20 frit – foxglove purple, black and mellow yellow; I already had red, white and blue. The frit is good for Headpins, & making dots on stuff).
I’ve torch-enameled exactly once, since the original class. In the garage. In the middle of winter.  It went badly, but not TERRIBLY. About as badly as one could expect, given that I’d done it once, almost a full year before. But it being summer, now… ain’t doing this in the garage.
Between wanting to enamel, & wanting to get some metal clay studs done, getting the craft room into some kind of usable shape is imperative.
End of story.


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