Out of cheese error – redo from start.

Why must I have a million ideas, & no time, energy, or money to enact them?
Can I solder titanium post/stainless steel flat pad earrings to PMC stud earrings with Cool Tools’s Low Temperature Solder Paste? (I have everything I need to attempt this, with the possible exception of an annealing pan with pumice)
Ooh, I’d need lots of Gilder’s Paste to make the earrings (that I don’t even know if I can make work) pretty colors! Ooh! And molds! Lots of molds for studs!
I wonder if it’d be OK if I put mica dust in my homemade personal care products (that I haven’t even started making, yet)?
I need to get started on the kumihimo braids for the solid perfume lockets (lockets on order; may arrive sometime this MONTH; have not yet attempted any kind of solid perfume making. Ever); I need more of that dark blue variegated satin (have lots of satin. Have lots of VARIEGATED satin. Just NOT THAT COLOR.)
Translation: I MUST BUY ALL THE THINGS!!!!


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