Two months in review

OK, for those of you who’ve been waiting patiently for an update on my activities, but for whatever reason, haven’t been following me on Facebook, I will explain about the last two months.

No, is too much; let me sum up.

1) Won and lost a condo. It’s a long, depressing tale, and I really don’t feel like going through it again; suffice to say that it was a really unpleasant process that only ended in disappointment. I have just re-signed my lease for another year (the landlord refused to let me go month-to-month). Incidentally, an identical unit in the same complex, but in far better shape than the one I was prepared to buy, went on the market last week… just as I was sending my lease in. I kind of want to shoot myself in the head, right now.

2) In the process of re-signing the lease, I actually read it. The lease said, though not in so many words, that a kiln (even a wee one, like the SpeedFire Electric Mini) was a no-no in the unit. I probably shouldn’t have the butane torch, either, but I’m going to go with “what she doesn’t know won’t hurt me.” So my plans to move into making more complex metal clay products (e.g. rings) may have to be put on hold, and fusing glass myself DEFINITELY has to go on hold. I am not happy about this, but such is life. I might be able to schlep metal clay stuff to Pennington where they will fire it for a fee; it’s something to seriously consider. I really do want to start making metal clay rings, and someday I’d REALLY LIKE TO MAKE THE PENDANT THAT’S BEEN STUCK IN MY HEAD FOR MONTHS. I think I might make another try at it in epoxy clay, but the last one was soooooo bad….

3) I have signed up for two classes over the next couple of months in order to improve my wirework skills. If I’m going to be confined to it as my main artistic outlet, I really need to learn how to do more. The DVDs that I ordered were interesting, and I did learn a little, but I need more, and I need in-person instruction.

4) I sold something! To a co-worker, so it kinda doesn’t count, but still. *happy dance*

5) A friend of mine who makes her living as a photographer has offered to take the photographic aspect of this process off my hands, on the barter system. We’ll have to work out the logistics, but to be honest, I couldn’t be happier; I’ve learned that I bloody hate taking pictures of the jewelry! I’m just not good at it; I don’t get the right angles, I end up getting the back of the light box in the picture, the image ends up blurry, the colors don’t end up even close to true… if I wanted to be a photographer, I’d have invested in that, not in making jewelry! So I’m really happy she’s going to take that on.


OK, so I think that brings us up to date! I’ll try to be more consistent in updating, going forward. Heck, I’ll try to be more consistent in making jewelry, which will give me more reason to update. 😉