Lights… camera….

I finally got around to buying a real tripod this weekend (as opposed to the tabletop one, which was NOT working for me), so it’s time for me to get off my bum and start photographing stuff. I’ll probably shoot the rings I’ve got finished over the next couple of days, and if they come out at all well, I’ll be posting them to Etsy within the next week. My Facebook followers have already seen the rough draft of those, as it were – I took pictures early on and posted them. But hopefully I can do a little better, now, what with the tripod, and the acrylic ring stands. Here’s hoping, anyway.

And then, it’s just me and the wire, my friends. I’m going to have to actually make earring jackets.

This is something with which I’ve had seriously limited success.

Another thing I need to do is order some fine silver wire in order to make fine silver headpins. I just don’t think the niobium ones are going to work out; they’re too short and too stubborn, and they don’t wrap the way I want them to wrap. This is supposed to be something I WANT to do, not something I DREAD doing; the only way that’s going to happen is if I find a nickel-free headpin that actually behaves itself and wraps all purty and stuff. I think fine silver wire will do that for me. Plus, it’ll give me a chance to get more comfy with the butane torch.

*insert evil, Beavis-like giggle here*

I know I haven’t accomplished much, so far. It’s discouraging, I’m not going to lie; things keep getting in the way. Not least of which being my own inherently lazy tendencies. But I DO want to do this. I WILL do this. I’ve come too far (and spent too much $) to give up now. I’m going to live the (small-scale) dream. I’m going to make jewelry, and people are going to pay for it. Hopefully those DVDs will teach me all sorts of interesting ways to embellish and make the stuff I make look even cooler, and people will pay more for them than they would for the stuff I make now, which is OK (but could definitely be better).

I know, big dream, right? LOL! But hey – you have to start somewhere. I’m starting with – sell something. Anything. Just selling once via Etsy – to someone who didn’t already know me going in, ’cause that’s cheating – will significantly increase my confidence about this whole venture, so… here’s hoping that will happen in the not too terribly distant future. But for that to happen, I need to take more pictures, so I can sell more jewelry, so I can MAKE more jewelry, so I can take more pictures, etc. etc.

Hey, it’s a grind, but it’s better than making copies, eh?



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