Coming soon to an Etsy page near you:

All of these rose studs. 🙂


And to be made and posted after that: earring jackets, for the full and funky, mix & match experience I promised you.


2 comments on “Coming soon to an Etsy page near you:

    • I have one – have for over a month. 🙂
      There’s not much there, yet – just a few rose studs with titanium posts. More will be forthcoming, as soon as I, y’know, make it. There are more rose studs made that I just need to upload, and some rings that are made that I need to photograph. I need a tripod, though – the tabletop one just ain’t making it. I end up leaning the camera way the heck over by letting it sit on two legs, and using the third to lean it over and get the shot.

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