What’s next?

Yesterday, I ran out to Target and bought a couple of small wire shelves for the living room, in an attempt to bring at least a little order out of the chaos. I had a growing pile of beading, Art Clay Copper, display furniture and shipping stuff in the middle of the floor of the living/dining area, because I didn’t have anywhere else to corral it; now I do. I’m quite sure I’ll outgrow it really quickly, but for the short term, I’m feeling pretty good about reclaiming that bit of floor and knowing where all my bits and bobs are. I even bought a couple of plastic bins, and marked them up with labels from the Dymo. Yay!

While I was in Target, I discovered the tissue paper I’ve been trying to find for a reasonable price – bonus!

Tonight, I have a doctor’s appointment. I’m hoping to be home early enough to either make something or photograph something. I was reading Etsy tips the other day, and among many (many many) other things, they suggested that if you’ve got only one thing to post… post it! Well, I’ve got more than one thing, but they’re not the thing I was planning on focusing on, at least to start. What I have ready is rings. What I want to post is earring jackets and rose studs. I have the rose studs, and I have the jackets I made for ME; I guess I should post those, for starters. I do feel it’s time to post SOMETHING. I’ve gone to all this effort to get started, right down to getting gift boxes and tissue paper and 10 bubble envelopes (just to start with; I can find other ways to use tissue paper, or stickers, or gift boxes. Even the Dymo labels that are specific to shipping, I could, in theory, use for something else. But the only thing I can do with a 6”x8” bubble mailer is… well, ship things. If nothing happens, I’d hate to be stuck with 100 bubble mailers, y’know?); it seems silly to have gone to all this effort, and then have my site sitting there, fallow.

So! Photos soon. And then… show on road, kids. Hee!

…I just hope people actually, y’know… look! (And buy!)


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